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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sundaes in Las Vegas

Just got back from Vegas and had an amazing time! Just when you think things are the way they are in your little corner of the world little coincidences and surprises give you some insight into your life. This trip was full of those little moments. I had the opportunity to try some new things like asparagus...yummy! Heard some really bad jokes...gross. Got caught in a rainstorm (loved it). Saw a fun show. Had the best time people watching and wandering with my favorite mischief maker ever! At one point my partner in crime pointed out a rather sad and sickly looking man, who was sitting by himself enjoying an ice cream sundae. My partner in crime mentioned how sad this man looked and I was struck with how you can be completely surrounded by people and be so alone. There was slight comfort seeing how much he was enjoying his sundae. It was clearly the highlight of this man's day. It made me even more grateful that I had an accomplice in all things mischief. Well, just as this little man scraped his last bite from the sides of his cup, he was struck by the inevitable brain freeze that follows a delicious sundae. This poor man just squoze his hands to his head and placed his head on the table and waited out the pain. You almost wanted to pat him on the back and let him know it would all be okay. It was hard to watch. In my world he would have skipped away on a quest to find the greatest ice cream shop in all of Las Vegas and along the way he would have discovered someone to skip down the boulevard with him.

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