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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bear Folk Art Doll Sculpture

Bear Folk Art Doll Bear Folk Art Doll Fables and Foxes

Folk Art Doll

Bear Folk Art Sculpture
So as you can see I've had sweet little bears on the mind and maybe a little bit of Little Red Riding Hood as well! You see a while ago I signed up for a cloth and clay doll workshop taught by the extremely talented Jane DeRosier. I have such a love for folk art dolls and thought that it would be a great way to get started. Well I'm more than embarrassed to admit that even with a mom who teaches and sells sewing machines I still have not had the time to learn how to sew! But today I just felt the need to make some kind of folk art doll so I ran downstairs to find my paper clay and get started. I was set on making a doll even if I had to hand sew every little stitch. Well you know how it goes, when you need something you can't find it. I ran downstairs to take advantage of my time and began rummaging through the various piles, corners, and drawers. I couldn't find it! Determined to complete the mission I settled and grabbed my box of old polymer clay. Either it will work or it won't I thought to myself.

Well here's the end result! Her name is "Sorrow" in conjunction with the theme over at Cloth and Clay Dolls. Can you believe that she is the first sculpture I've done in over a year! I couldn't believe how she turned out! When I compare her to some previous paper clay dolls I made I am shocked with the difference. I'm glad I followed this nagging need to sculpt and took the time to do it. Creating her has definitely encouraged me to keep sculpting and add more of these folk art dolls / sculptures to my Fables and Foxes etsy shop.

Oh I should mention her details: She's sculpted out of polymer clay and painted using acrylic paints. She stands just slightly under 7 inches tall and has been antiqued and distressed to give her that folk art feel.

I also thought I'd add in this photo so you could see her prior to painting:

1 comment:

Julie Fillo said...

She's so cool! I took Jane's class too and only made one doll so far, but I have a couple others started.
The sewing was the easy part, it was that darn sculpting that got me, but it looks like you have that part down!