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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ankle Case and Neko Case

Hot air balloon ACEO original miniature art
I've been a bit remiss in my blogging lately. I went in for my second set of x rays on my ankle and it was determined that it was fractured (broken). They want me to go see an orthopedic doctor and they'll determine how much longer I have to wear the large black brace or if I need a cast! Oh I hope I don't need a cast! I have a trip planned to go to Vegas with some girlfriends and can't imagine going to sweltering Vegas entombed in a cast! So fingers crossed until Monday.

A side story on the black brace...I went on a very sweet date to an outdoor concert performed by Neko Case last Sunday! It was wonderful. I played hookie from wearing my brace. I just figured that walking around with it would be uncomfortable, and sitting on the garden lawn would be even more uncomfortable! It gets quite crammed with open outdoor seating. Well as I was people watching I saw another concert attendee wearing the same brace on the opposite leg. Instant guilt set in over not wearing mine, but I didn't want to be shackled on such a nice night! Anyway the night was perfect and I don't think skipping the brace had too much of an impact on the healing process.

Alright enough about my ankle issues... here's an update on more uplifting topics! I have some art boxes left over from a recent show that I'm probably going to list on Ebay tonight. Those will go up along with some miniature originals (also called ACEO's) seen in the photo above! I'm hoping to get them all listed tonight! Until then enjoy the pics!
Also, on the first I sent over my illustration to Jen at for her wonderful Feed Your Soul art project. Such an amazing project to have been invited to participate in! It will be available for download for FREE in July! Yay for free art in a down economy! By then I'll have some new prints to go along with it listed in my shop: Gumball Grenade

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