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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Folk Art Doll Face

Folk Art Doll Face and Dress

Last night while I was waiting for paint to dry on my lion, I decided to sculpt a little folk art doll face and put a dress together. I still need to add the body, legs, and paint. I actually had to sculpt and paint her face prior to sculpting her head and hair. Weird but it helped me visualize her a bit more clearly.
Also, for those who collect my Gumball Grenade prints, there are some whimsical sculptures brewing! You see in my illustrations I rarely show a face. Most of my illustrations are shared in little bedrooms and baby nurseries. They are designed for magical thinkers only! I like for the viewer to place themselves into the viewpoint of my little souls, gazing up to the sky and remembering when, or thinking and dreaming "If!" So I was a bit stagnant when it came to sculpting because I had to find the right face to finally show! I sculpted a little face last night, but haven't had a chance to see it with paint yet. I'll paint it today and share a peek at it later! I hope to have several Gumball Grenade sculptures to offer this upcoming Holiday season! I'm so excited!

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