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Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Dinosaur Sleepover"

Dinosaurs are so cute!  I've just never tried my hand at them before.  Well here is the first!  This is one one of three illustrations.  The other two are still to come.  This one is titled "Dinosaur Sleepover"  I have to say that my most productive times are when I'm surrounded by little ones. I don't think that I have shared, at least not here on this blog, that we (my Joe and I) are expecting a beautiful baby boy in less than one month! I can't believe how quickly the pregnancy has flown by!  Anyhow, with the anticipation of a baby boy coming I can help but find myself wanting to design boy themed everything! Recently, we celebrated the Birthdays of our nephews (ages 6 and 1).  Dinosaurs seemed fitting and the theme of a sleepover even more so!  I cannot wait to have all of our family's boys together romping around and terrorizing my daughters with ferocious roars and rowdy ruckuses!  I'm sure the girls can more than keep up! Look out little boys, you can easily become prime targets for practicing fashionistas! You can find the above print here:  Dinosaur Sleepover by Gumball Grenade Illustrations

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dinosaurs are coming!

Dinosaurs are coming!  I'm really excited about this new illustration.  It's funny how some things are meant to be.  More often then not, I find myself setting up my creative space on my kitchen table.  Unfortunately, this can lead to slight mishaps such as me inadvertently tossing a sketch out with the the scrap paper!  So there was an initial sketch, which I guess wasn't mean to be! However, this one is! I'm much more fond of it than the initial dino sketch.  So very excited to get it colored in and  listed in the shop (!  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Bears Have Come to Hibernate!

Well, sadly I have neglected this blog for far too long.  But life has reached a point where creativity has been allowed to come back in, along with many other changes!  The first is that I became a home owner of a quaint little place for my two girls and I.  Secondly, life had larger plans, and when I least expected it I met the love of my life. Now he and I are expecting a little baby boy in April!  There ya have the major updates in my little corner of this tremendous universe of possibilities.  On the creative side of things, all of the transition caused a bit of temporary slowing.  It is amazing to me how when peace and love come back into the soul, then the creativity can come out in full spirit.  So here are a couple of creations that are now available at Gumball Grenade Illustrations