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Saturday, November 13, 2010

"For Us to Share"

The Universe has a lot to offer up. What a shame it would be to not have someone to share it with. When I look at my wee ones play together, they offer up tiny glimpses into how strong their little bond has become. When my two little ones gaze up to the sky I hope they realize that not only is the Universe for them to take on, with full force and gusto, but more importantly it's for them to share. This little 5 x 7 canvas should be available for sale in my little Gumball Grenade shop in just a few days! I hope to make an illustration out of it as well! Can't part with it until then!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dear Creativity, where have you been? It's Been Too Long!

In the last year I had to go from being a stay at home mom of two beautiful wee ones, to moving out of my house, to moving back into my house, to working full time, to adjusting to having my kids in day care, and having many long awaited adventures with one's I love more than I can explain. My art space is now semi-functional, with things in bags and boxes, some here some over there, but my creative side just couldn't take it anymore! A favorite spot for spurring on my creative bug has long been

So I took a peek over there for the topic which was fittingly enough "Star Gazing" Couldn't resist. Here's the initial shaded sketch! Halloween is coming and I couldn't resist! The best step of adding color is next. I'm hoping to get that done before heading out to Craft Lake City! Beyond excited for that! I hear they'll be showing Handmade Nation there as well! Sunday, I believe. A GIANT dose of creativity. I'll share pics of that event too! And the ever so sweet and talented Isabell's Umbrella will be there too!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Flight of Fancy Treasury

A very cute and whimsical treasury which includes my illustration "My Paper Airplane". It was put together by fifthquadrant over on etsy! Thanks! Who doesn't want to hop on a plane and take off to somewhere new and exotic. It's an urge I fight hourly, but I'm appeased with the knowledge that there is time...plenty of time for more great adventures!