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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Guardian Folk Art Doll

Fox Folk Art DollFox Folk Art Sculpture
Fox Folk Art Clay Sculpture

Last night I couldn't resist making this sweet fox. She's holding a red cardinal in a protective way. Don't worry she doesn't intend to eat it! She guarding it from other dangers. She's keeping it safe from other dangers she knows too much of.

She's just as high as my bear and I must say they look like they walked out of the same forest when standing side by side. Here she is.


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

What a lovely facial expression!

littleshanty said...

The craft doll is unique and the details are extraordinary..but this phenomenal work of art does not fall in the category of Folk Art, this work falls more in Whimsical Category. I say this not to be insulting....the going mindset is - if it doesnot fix in the mainstream art it must be folk art. Folk art is an improvise art technque with a characterictic of a real life narrative with open ends. A impressive piece of work, thank you.

GumballGrenade said...

Wow thanks for the compliments. Littleshanty - no offense taken at all. Thank you for that definition of folk art. With so many defintions out there it's hard to know how to classify or even if the need to classify or label one's art is there. I do so with the aim of reaching an audience that may appreciate the piece. I certainly agree that this is more whimsical than "folk" and could easily be categorized as a whimsical art doll or whimsical craft doll. Of couse there's the ever raging debate of art vs. craft to consider. Yet still with all that being said, the definition of folk art is constantly evolving. Here's a very small compilation of some of the definitions of folk art that are out there. Some of these definitions encompass my work and some do not. For now I'll keep creating and leave it to critics to define and classify as that is what a critic does best. I'll be the first to admit that I am far from an art expert and aim only to do as the late Joseph Campbell advises and follow my bliss.


Defintions of "folk art"

"folk art": genre of art of unknown origin that reflects traditional values of a society

Art made by people who have had little or no formal schooling in art. Folk artists usually make works of art with traditional techniques and content, in styles handed down through many generations, and often of a particular region.

folk art works are part of an established tradition of style and craftsmanship, and reflect the culture of a common people. Folk artists typically have had no formal, academic training.

art produced by people not professionally identified as artists.

Art perceived to be unsophisticated art, both fine and applied, which is supposedly rooted in the collective awareness of simple people. Today it carries a simple nostalgia for pre- industrial society.

Art and objects made by people who are not artists, using styles and materials from where they live

generally refers to artworks created by individuals who have little or no formal academic training in fine art.

Traditional representations, usually bound by conventions in both form and content, of a folkloric character and usually made by persons without institutionalized training.

June 10, 2009 3:32 PM

Mandi said...

I think that fox is amazing a true wonder....great work

The Seance Room said...

I love the fox. Very neat. And your prints in your etsy shop are very imaginative. Love it!