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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sour Grapes Painting is Finished! Yay!

Sour Grapes Art Print

Well here's the problem I went and played around with the painting digitally and I prefer the digital version! So the digital version is going up as a print in my Fables and Foxes shop. The "Sour Grapes" painting is...I don't is here for me to ponder. Sour Grapes Fox painting

I've been smitten with the tale of how the saying "sour grapes" came about. Some poor little fox spies a bunch of delicious ripe grapes hanging from a grape vine that has grown up a tree. Despite his best efforts the little fox is unable to reach them. In the end he walks away, with the thought that the grapes were probably sour anyway! Life is like this sometimes. You blow up an idea to insurmountable proportions and then with the flick of fate the idea is no more. Reality hits. You realize that what you desired so much wasn't attainable, or wasn't worth attaining. So you walk away. Isn't desire interesting.

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