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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Danger! A Must Have Apron!

So I thought I had blogged about this! It was one of those things where you think "Oh that's something I'd like to add to the blog." and then you play it in your mind and the next day you think you've actually done it! But I didn't do it, I just wholeheartedly believed I did! So here's what I've been meaning to share:
Little Red Riding Hood Craft Apron

So cute! I can get over her use of color and the green faux bois pattern! And look she used my "Wolf and Little Red" fabric. I'm giddy! So much detail and love when into it's creation. This my friends is the pure craftiness of Polly Danger! Who is Polly Danger you ask. Well here's her bio:

"Polly Danger wishes she could inhale air and exhale flowers, but since she can't (yet), she crafts! She's inspired by color and texture, is currently obsessed with gardening, and is continuously obsessed with sugar. Mmmm, candied violets . . ."

Along with just being completely enamoured by the craft apron above, I'm also quite smitten with the name "Polly Danger." It brings to my mind the image of a crafty woman wielding a pair of scissors and a sewing needle like a samurai! With a facial expression that seems to say "Bring it." And she clearly does as you can see from this picture of her "Hot Martha" apron.

Polly Danger Hot Martha Craft ApronFind out more about what's crafting in Polly's world by visiting her blog and shop:


Belua Designs said...

I think that may be one of the cutest aprons ever!!

GumballGrenade said...

I would feel like a craft super hero wearing one!

Beth said...

That is great! I should get a craft apron-then I wouldn't be looking for my scissors and pens all the time.

Jo James said...

Oh My! Could a more perfect apron exist? I think not!
Protection perfection!

LOVE the Little Red fabric. Yum!