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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things I've Read of Bears

Things in books are always so intriguing! This is the latest print being offered in my new Etsy shop, Fables And Foxes, called "Things I've Read Of Bears"! So Far I have two absolute favorites, two that seem a bit more special to me than the rest. Is that wrong to say? I don't think so...I can recount a couple original paintings that have been heartbreaking for me to part with, but I'm left with the comfort of knowing they're now in happy little homes.


Vincent Juanes said...

I love your shadow-style! Regards

esta sketch said...

beautiful work! i just love papercuts

Meekiyu said...

o wow that's awesome... i love the details on the bear the fur and the letters are so crisp! I also love how it's such a whimsical piece!