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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Harmonious Living

I love waking up to see all the little animals loving each other, bouncing around the house in playful romps. A sweet little scene this morning at the watering hole quickly dissipated as the aggressor, Boris the cat, tried to claim Marzipan's dog dish for his own. If only the harmony in nature wasn't so fleeting.

And now a glimpse at a new piece. As I type this the tip of my index finger sends the signal of "ouch tender skin!" up to my brain due to it wanting to blister from pressing so hard on the knife blade as I cut each leaf out on this piece.) It's worth it though.

And this lovely little tidbit from Wiki! "Anthropomorphism is a well-established device in literature from early times. Aesop's Fables, a collection of short tales written or recorded by the ancient Greek citizen Aesop, make extensive use of anthropomorphism, in which animals and weather illustrate simple moral lessons. One poet who made high art of the literary device was the northern renaissance poet Robert Henryson in his Morall Fabillis, where the blend of human and animal characteristics is especially subtle and ambiguous. The Indian books Panchatantra (The Five principles) and The Jataka tales employ anthropomorphized animals to illustrate various principles of life.

In conjunction with other symbols it's a goldmine for the creative mind. This piece surprises me though, it's like a journal entry for me visible only in symbols and it directly correlates to what's going in the present for me. Revelation. Hmmm. Prints are now available in my shop!

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