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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Etsy Shop Update! Just in time for Black Friday!

Nestled Art Print
Tuckered Nursery Art Print

Cuddles Childrens Art Print

I do love a holiday! I'm especially excited to let you all know that I've added three new illustrations to my GumballGrenade etsy shop tonight! Just in time for my Black Friday - Cyber Monday promotion! These art prints, Nestled, Tuckered, and Cuddles are done in a bit of a different style than my usual illustrations, but I just love the way they turned out! I have many more that will be done in this style this coming year!
Also, since today is about being appreciative, I feel it's important to mention a few things I'm thankful for this year:

  1. My family!
  2. Health
  3. Friends
  4. Paper, Pencils, Pens
  5. My Etsy supporters!
  6. The Utah Etsy Team, they are such an energizing group of creative individuals. I'm also grateful for the success of our first ever Handmade Harvest! I was so nervous about launching this event. Despite my nervousness, it turned out to be a success and we were able to raise $400 for Utah's Road Home Shelter in less than 1 month! Yay!
  7. Chocolate

1 comment:

mirifice said...

Uauhhhh!!!Your illustrations are...without words!!!
I love it!!!
I come from Mundogominola and i´m surprise with you!!(sorry for my english!)
Un beso!