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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paisley Pachyderms!

I do so love to make illustrations with elephants! They are symbols of strength, temperance, and patience. It makes me think about quite a few things. I think of being a parent. I think of honing one's craft. Specifically, it makes me think of all the support that is needed to pursue your passion in life. Much like a paisley pachyderm, they can come in the most unexpected and surprising forms. I can't imagine not having people to turn to with all my crafty questions or even those that you look up to for having done it, and those that inspire you. I hope to be a paisley pachyderm for my little ones. Cheers to all the Paisley Pachyderms in your world.


Amity said...

Oh I love elephants too! Beautiful work.

And this is the little one who likes my 'Cinderellas' huh? What a gorgeous girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolute perfection,
love it

James ~n~ Amber said...

I love your prints. Too too precious. I love your Halloween ones. I just wrote about Halloween yesterday on my own blog. I just love that holiday !