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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Little Watercolor

I decided to pull out the watercolors today! I love what painting with a limited pallet can produce. In the two paintings above only blue and brown were used. A little pen and charcoal were added at the end.

This next one makes me think of how much love goes into a handmade gift. I think there's a tremendous amount of joy that goes into making something for someone you love. It's like the love is stitched, glued, painted or even baked right into the item. It also make me think of my mom. She sews. It's her passion. She stays up late at night and often her stitching companions are her cats. The next day she'll tell me all about her little disputes with the cats as she attempted to make progress with her sewing project.

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Hey Harriet said...

I love these paintings. They are so adorable. That's a sweet story about your mom & her cats :)

Christina Silverio said...

So sweet! I love your style!!! So glad I found you in the forums on Etsy. :)