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Friday, February 1, 2008

Never Enough!

A lovely song, but also so true! Things have been so busy. I have what feels like a ton of sketches to get colored and posted and one of a boy on the back of an owl that I want to paint as a watercolor, I may make a digital version as well, but I'm not sure yet. Anyway, this week is get my stuff together week as I'm taking my prints to their first art and craft show. I finally discovered a place to buy table cloths and chair covers at a very decent price. Plus you get free shipping on orders over $25. I was astonished that I could actually get a craft show table cloth for under $25. Anyway I found it online at It came today in the mail and I was so pleased as it only took two days to get here and the quality of product is fantastic! Then I also received my clear bags and backing board for the packaging of my prints. So aside from getting all of my products together and getting more listings up on my shop, I think I'm running on schedule.

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