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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V Day! Dirty Pretty Things and Me!

First I have to send out hugs and kisses to everyone! Happy Valentines Day! In the spirit of Valentine's Day I've decided to post my latest set of three prints featuring this little whimsical couple of souls. I've been working hard on getting my inventory up for my new etsy shop. So I haven't posted as much as I should! More importantly I owe a very belated THANKS to a sweetie, known as RavenX , on her lovely blog: Dirty Pretty Things. She features some truly wonderful and amazing artists, so I was quite flattered to be interviewed and blushing all the way! Swing on by her blog and look at how delicious and lovely it is! Also, be sure to check out her and her husband's (Mikiep) wonderful ETSY shops for amazing graphic and mixed media art. Here are a couple of my favorites from their shops:

I love the glow in his illustrations! And look at ther little sewing machine! Perfect! Plus he has prints of my idol of all time Wonder Woman (psst, don't tell but I even have the Wonder Woman Barbie! tee hee hee!). So devilishly sweet I can't stand it! I just love them! Click on any of the above photo's to visit these wonderful ETSY shops!

Oh and one last thing while I'm on the topic of love. I just recently watched Once and thought that it captured the complexity of love and complicated situations and all things that make life worth living. If your in the mood for a love oriented indie film you should watch it, but it did break my heart a little.


jewelstreet said...

I LOVE those prints! Your couple is so cute and the background is so vibrant.

GumballGrenade said...

well thank you :)

The Downtown Boutique said...

Very cute illustrations! I really like the couples with the stars.

Raven said...

You are just so very sweet!
I enjoyed featuring you and all yer pretties. :)