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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Have You Met Spoonflower!

Have you met Spoonflower! I was introduced earlier this year via another amazing Etsy artist's blog, the infamous and pixie like Emily Martin of The Black Apple. Since this little introduction I've fallen head over heels in love with Spoonflower! This wonderful business is an independent designer's dream ! On you can design your own fabric! No minimum order requirement, no requirement for bulk yardage. Submit your design and order! I have been dreaming that a service like this would be made available! In my mind they are an integral part of supporting independent designers and the indie handmade movement. I am absolutely thrilled that my "Wolf and Little Red" fabric was selected by the wonderful people of as as one of four fabric designs that could be made available for a limited time on the Spoonflower Etsy shop. It is up for vote along with three other wonderful fabric designs! You can vote for your favorite by visiting the Spoonflower Blog here!

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trollop said...


I'm so happy your design won! I ordered some of it today! yay!