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Friday, July 11, 2008

A Day in The Studio

There is little more I love than waking up grabbing some warm coffee and heading down stairs to my unfinished basement studio. Normally I work upstairs at the kitchen table. I sketch and digitally color items on my laptop. However, today I wandered downstairs to conquer my fear of painting. It's similar to writers block, only it's painters block. You see I've been invited to participate in an event at a local gallery and I have to have a painting on a 5 x 7 canvas by September. Well most of my work is done digitally and I wasn't able to locate a printer who would print on 5 x 7 canvas. So I freaked out for about two days, not wanting to pass up such an opportunity. I woke up this morning and knew it was time I face my fear. What exactly am I so afraid of? Well, I've though a bit about it and I think I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to translate the digital illustration to acrylics. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get the shading right, or the background colors correct. Even putting the pencil to canvas is intimidating. I guess it's so intimidating because it all seems so final. There's little wiggle room. However, when I do things digitally all I have to do is trash the current layer and move onto the next. At least that's the way I perceived it. So I pulled out four canvases and focused on getting my backgrounds down. I was surprised with how similar acrylic is to watercolor as far as washes go. Then I picked out my digital illustrations and went for it. These are the results. You can see both the acrylic version and the digital version that inspired the acrylic. These prints and originals are available in my shop:

Oh and I did have a little helper, BoBo, who needs some credit for managing the cheap paper towel situation. I'm only allowed to have a paper towel if I'm willing to fight for it:


Lauren Alexander said...

beautiful, just beautiful work!

moonmystic said...

Cute paintings and fight for that towel!

Michele Maule said...

Those look terrific!
I am glad you were brave and decided to go old school today. I think too many people fear painting and drawing, but it's really nothing to be afraid of. But, I think you're right about it feeling so final. People also tend to view the canvas as this really precious thing...It's funny because I am a little intimidated by the computer! :)

Anyway, your paintings look terrific, and I am glad you faced your "fear".

::::Lula Boutique:::: said...

Lovely work...Just adore! BoBo is so cute too! :)

Sandra Evertson said...

Wow! I'm totally Smitten! Love your work!
Sandra Evertson

Sandra Evertson said...

Also, hope you don't mind if I add your Fabulous blog to my Creative Places list on my blog?!
Sandra Evertson

DeeDee said...

It is really interesting to see the difference between the painting and the digital.
I love love your cats! Both the painted and the real one!

A Print A Day said...

oh my gosh! your work is just so lovely!!!

and ah, my kitty loves those nakin and toilet paper rolls too. eep!

Danielle said...

looks great! My mom has a an all balck kitty too!

Doreen said...

Your illustrations are absolutely stunning...JUST BEAUTIFUL!

I found you through Gritty Art's studio..i'm so glad I your work!

Congrat's on the great opportunity..i'm sure it will bring many more ahead for you.

Take care,

ps..your kitty is just adorable

Karen's Monsters said...

I love them. Your paintings turned out fantastic and I hope that you'll continue to paint, I think they have something different to offer than your digital work.