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Saturday, July 5, 2008

A bit About the Whale...

You know I have this problem of creating one or maybe two related scenes, but after that I'm stuck! I'm fully aware that there needs to be a total of three to make a series complete (at least for me). I am now on a mission to make sure that there are at least three of a particular theme available in my shop. So can I just say how happy I was to complete the first set of three illustrations featuring the whale / nautical theme! I was so very close to not finishing this series out due to my discovery of an amazing artist (I promise I share more later when I'm in a better mood), who absolutely captures what I want to capture about childhood. Only he captures it in on a slightly different level. So self doubt came in to play, but I overcame it and was able to finish these out on the Fourth of July!

Did you know that the whale is a symbol of creativity and intuition? It's purely unintentional, but oh how my love for the whale has increased ten fold:

I just completed these! And they match this "Whale of a Wish Illustration" :


Amber Rose said...

Awww :) I love the whale!! Adorable!

Alissa said...

Just darling! I didn't know that about the whale...It's interesting to make that connection now though, as I"m always drawn to imagery of the creature. You've made him approachable and gentle in your illustration--very sweet!