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Monday, June 30, 2008

Made lots of stuff today!

I'm really surprised because I spent the morning digging up soppy, muddy, sod! All of my neighbors are putting in their yards and are over watering like crazy! I have a bog in my back yard. Seamus Heaney could write something fierce about it! But I digress, in the end I was able to post these lovely items in my two shops.

First up, an original illustration called "Come Back to Me." I haven't posted any originals from my soul series in my shop. So this will be the first of it's kind available!

Second, these two blank journals / notebooks that I silk screened with some of my watercolor designs. For those of you who only know about my illustration shop I also have a shop, Alternatebliss, where I list some fine silver work and now these lovelies!

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The Bock Family said...

Very cute illustrations!