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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Illustration Friday "Baby"

It has been quite a while since I last participated in Illustration Friday. This morning I decided to pop on over and see what was happening. Yay! I have submissions! So these were both created this week. They are both custom orders for client's that had some wonderful requests.

"A Discovery" These two little ones have discovered a baby bird (to symbolize a baby named Kennedy). They are so caught up in their new discovery that they have failed to notice that they too have been discovered! This is a print of one of my original illustrations which has been digitally colored.

Here's a sketch of a little boy being held up by his diaper by a Thoroughbred horse. He's accompanied by two dogs, a cat, and two miniature ponies. A possible name "Boone's Buddies." This is a custom order in progress.


Jennifer said...

CUTE work! Very charming and whimsical.

Sew Bettie said...

Love the illustration!