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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Flights of Fancy on the Fourth...Oh and Free Shipping!

Yay! It's the Fourth of July. I've heard it said that "I'm flawed if I'm not free." So true! I love that today is a celebration of independence. I imagine the little soul in the illustration above is crying "freedom!" as he takes off on a grand adventure. On other things I've heard...every year while watching fireworks I'm amused by what little children say. This year the cutest thing I've heard so far this year is, "Why is it making magic in the road?" So here's wishing everybody a little magic in the road and in the spirit of celebration you'll find FREE SHIPPING on all items in my Gumball Grenade shop! Also, be sure to enter to win a free Gumball Grenade print of your choice! To enter simply visit my shop and leave a comment telling which print you'd like. Contest ends July 10th. Winner will be selected by and announced on July 11th! Happy Fourth!


Hyla said...

I love your Narwhal illustrations!

Carapace said...

Oh my gosh! Your work is thumb-bitingly sweet. I think the Tremendous Help From A Paisley Pachyderm Print is my favorite, though it's very hard to choose.

"magic in the road"-- that's totally fireworks!

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Winklepots said...

I really like the Amongst the Poppies print in white. Simple and so pretty. :o)
Fabulous shop!

Felinedream said...

I've just noticed prints which feature your gorgeous characters and books, amazing. I think my favourite is The Most Wonderful Story Ever Told.