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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Foundling of Fox Tail Forest

This weekend was so busy! However, I did accomplish getting several illustrations finalized and listed in my etsy shop: GumballGrenade. You can see from the photos that the pictures tell a bit of a story that goes a bit like this, although this is the extremely rough and abbreviated version....

The Foundling of Fox Tail Forest
The story goes a bit like this...a star is abandoned in Fox Tail Forest. It's discovered and bought to a girl from the neighboring village...Who could the star/wish belong to? So she takes the star to Mr. Narwhale. He would surely know.

Well Mr. Narwhale isn't quite sure, but he is very excited to help this little one on her search for the owner of this star/wish. Mr. Narwhale tell the girl to tie the star to his horn and they will take to the sea and begin "a most adventurous journey."

Away they sail and on their journey they discover that the foundling star belongs to everyone. Back up to the sky the foundling star goes. "You Belong Here!" she tells the star.

All of the pictures above are listed in my shop and available as prints. I hope to have a mini book available soon.

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