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Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Illustrations in the works!

Here are three that I worked on last night. They are still in progress, but I plan on having them all finished up for next Monday!

Normally I only depict one or two little soul characters in my illustrations, but you'll notice the one on the your far right depicts three little boys sitting atop a kindly whale. This came about when a customer contacted me and asked if I had any illustrations with three little boys. Immediately I was taken back to my childhood. When I was a child our family befriended a family that had three little boys. I remember them moving in across the street. I thought it so weird that a little boy, gazing over the back gate, was wearing a hooded coat in the middle of summer! I went over and inquired, "Why are you wearing your coat. It's too hot for a coat."

He replied, "Because I have no hair!"

I had to inquire further, "Why don't you have hair?"

"Because I got a hair cut!" It turned out that he wouldn't sit still while his mom was giving him a hair cut. He wiggled about too much and finally his mom gave up and just gave him a very close buzz cut.

They were the most fun and the most trouble at the same time! We loved going to their house to play wildly as our moms visited about recent events over a cup of coffee. So cheers to childhood mischief!

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